Feel the calming energies around you as you wear this silky smooth piece of Brown Jasper.  Each side of your crystal is unique with such beautiful rich natural patterns.  You get maximum exposure to your healing stone as there is no wire on the outside of your pendant. 


It's been hand crafted using a sterling silver inner core of wire that only has a small spiral at the bottom and a single sterling Bali bead on the top.


This crystal measures 1.5 inches long by .5 wide.  It's a great piece to wear when trying to calm down and relax your thoughts during times of stress and change.


Brown Jasper Crystal for Stress Reduction

Cord Necklace
    • Meditation
    • Calming Energy
    • Dealing with stress 
    • Courage to face life's challenges and problems
    • Grounding - feeling like you have your feet on the ground in times of turmoil and problems
    • Past life regression
    • Astral Travel
    • Connection to the earth

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