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Helpful Hints - Storing and Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry

I am a terrible packrat. Your worst example of how to store sterling silver jewelry and other treasured items. I'll admit it. So I'm starting this blog post out in hopes I can change my cluttering ways and perhaps help someone else as well.

I don't organize well. When I'm not wearing my jewelry I often hang it up on the wall

Or put it on my desk and tell myself I'll put it away later. (HAH! Sure I will!)

Or worse yet? Decide to put it away in my jewelry box (GASP!) Honestly you would gasp if I actually shared a picture of my jewelry box. It's a mess of items I've been collecting since I was in grade school. So here, without adieu is my blurb on storage of sterling jewelry.

Storage Of Sterling Silver Jewelry

For starters, when you are not wearing your silver, store it separately from other silver pieces and other jewelry you my have. I'm pointing fingers at myself here as I'm notoriously famous for just tossing my jewelry in with other pieces and not paying attention to this rule. I always get tarnish. I mean I ALWAYS always ALWAYS get tarnish. Its black, it's brown, it's rainbow colours, it's just plain yukki.

Many things around you cause silver to tarnish so it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what the cause is. But you can slow it down a little so that you don't have to clean your jewelry every time you go to wear it.

Small bags: If you have small plastic bags, you could place your pieces inside wrapped in a small soft cloth. This wont stop the tarnish but it can help slow the process down. I have personally tested this method and it does work. (Keep in mind, all environments are different. Usually the Buck or Dollar store carries small zip lock bags in their craft section (or other craft stores will as well) and they are great for separating your precious metals.

Soft Cloths: Recycle those old shirts, you know the ones, those nice soft cotton ones you love so much but hate to toss because they are full of holes? Cut them into the right size pieces to wrap around your jewelry and tuck them in the bags.


You know all those little square or rectangle packages you get when you buy shoes and purses and other items? Those are most likely silica gel packages - hang on to all of those that you get (keep them tucked away safely) and store them with your sterling silver. They help to keep the moisture down and do help prevent tarnish. I keep several packages in my sterling silver wire container that I use to make jewelry and they work great! I can tell you from long term usage that having these inside with my sterling wire has saved me HOURS of work cleaning my silver before making jewelry. Just keep these away from pets and small children. I have read that they are non toxic but it's not food. Period. Don't eat this.

A lot of jewelry boxes may not be large enough to start stacking bags of silver, if you are a hoarder like I am. So I found away around that by picking up nice decorated wooden boxes at yard sales. You can often find those as well in department stores, just give them a smell before you purchase them as they often have varnish or paint on them and the fumes can be strong. No one wants to wear stinky jewelry.

Well, if this has helped one person? I'm glad.



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