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Crystals for Stress! Kick that dark cloud to the curb!

I am so stressed! How do I use healing crystals to help?

If you are here reading this, it's possible you are trying to lower your stresses, worries and anxiety or you are hoping to find something to give to someone in your life. 

Healing crystals can be an integral part of your self-healing journey as they give you a focal point to focus your intentions upon. Healing wounded and frazzled emotions takes time and you can work with the gentle healing energies of gemstones and crystals to work towards your goal. 

So how on earth do I do that??? 

First, you need to find your crystal. Daunting idea right? There are so many out there, so it can be very challenging to find just the right one. Have a peek in our soothing energy crystal section and see if there's something that calls to you there. Often you may be drawn to a particular crystal type or colour, that's a clue that it might be just the right stone for you. Don't worry if it takes time to find just the right one.  Once you have your crystal, it’s time to work with it. I’m jumping ahead a few steps here as there are going to be more posts on how to cleanse your gemstones in our blog in the future.

An effective way of dealing with stressful situations, moods and situations, is to use breathing techniques for calmness while having your crystal with you. You may be wearing it around your neck or holding it in the palm of your hands. It depends on your unique crystal. Find a quiet place where you can sit and spend time alone without being disturbed for a period of time.

Tip #1 - Find a peaceful place 

HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO TAKE!! AUGH I AM STRESSED!! If your kids are screaming, the dogs are barking and there is an endless loop of noise? Try putting on headphones for a few short minutes to find a quiet place to focus and concentrate. You'll probably need 5 to 10 minutes on your first few tries to work with the energy of the crystal you have. 

Tip #2 - Breathing and Visualizing the Healing Energy

Take a few moments to bring about a state of relaxation by taking a deep breath through your nose while expanding your lungs and diaphragm. Hold your breath for a few seconds but be comfortable in how long you hold it. Slowly exhale through your mouth. Do this several times until you feel relaxed. Do not go too quickly as you don't want to hyperventilate. 

As you are slowly breathing, allow the energy from the crystal to align with you and give you a touch point to focus on. Feel the stone’s calm soothing energy. Allow it to align with your intentions to find peace and calm as you breathe in and out. For worry, anxiety and stress, allow the crystal’s calming vibrations to flow through you and release the negative energy. Continue to breathe and visualize this calm energy flowing through you. 

TIP:  If you can't feel or see the healing energy: Try visualizing the energy as a colour. Often this helps to really see the flow of the healing energy instead of trying to figure out what "energy" is supposed to look like. 

When you feel that you are done, take a minute after opening your eyes to relax.  Thank the crystal in any way you feel works for you for allowing it to work with your intentions for healing.  It may sound odd, but this can deepen your connection to your crystal for future work.

I do this too!

If you ever wonder when looking at my website or blog, if I’m a real person behind the screen and dealing with the same types of issues as you do? I really am.  I have life stresses, family stresses, work things to juggle, pets to care for, bills etc etc etc.  And sometimes I find them REALLY overwhelming.  

My personal go-to crystal is a piece of Black Tourmaline.  I carry it with me EVERYWHERE I go and I use it a lot.  It’s a touch stone for me when I’m feeling like I can’t deal with the turmoil happening in my life.  I will reach into my purse, grab it in the palm of my hand and focus my thoughts for a few moments.  I allow myself to breathe through the tension and release the tightness in my jaw and remember how to find a peaceful bit of flow in my thoughts.  Using my Tourmaline allows me to visualize the negative energy coming at me to be blocked *BEFORE* it reaches me.  Tourmaline helps me to find my center and grounding when everything is going bonkers around me.  

Find your Crystal Companion for Healing

You got this! You can find your calm and peaceful moments! You can let go of stress and re-discover peace and serenity. Discover your healing crystal from our gallery of gemstones and jewelry.  

Feel free to leave a comment about what crystal YOU love to work with the most.  

Cheers everyone and have an awesome day!


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Dec 13, 2023
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