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How to use Crystals for Pets

It's always a sad time when our pets are not feeling well or are down in the dumps. Sometimes they are ill, and other times they are dealing with their own type of emotional stress. Maybe it's loneliness or sadness with their humans being away. Or they are dealing with a stressful situation and reacting to it. There are so many things that can be going on. I know all about this as I currently have 3 cats and a dog and there are days that life is chaotic!

It may surprise you, but you can also give healing crystals to your pet to help them as well as yourself. In the same way that they work to help your emotions and healing, they can also partner with proper veterinary care and emotional support care. Each type of crystal has its own healing abilities to work with.

How to choose a healing crystal for your pet

It can be difficult when trying to choose the proper healing crystal for your cat or dog. Especially since you can't just ask them what the problem is and then immediately locate the correct crystal to help them. So you have to somewhat follow your instincts when it comes to crystal healing.

Life changes can be very difficult. If you suspect your cat or dog is lonely or sad because of something that has gone on in their lives, you could choose a crystal for emotional support and stability. If you sense they are sad or blue due to being recently separated from family members or have just joined your household? Then you could choose a crystal to help with emotional support as they transition in their lives. Sodalite can be a wonderful gemstone to give to your pet when they are dealing with this type of situation. You can find some on this page of my website by clicking here.

If you are unsure about what type of healing crystal to choose, consider using a Quartz Crystal. These types of crystals help with an "overall" good energy to help change negative vibes to positive vibes. You can use polished or natural stones when it comes to pet healing. Just remember to choose the correct size so that if you are looking for a small dog, you don't end up buying a stone that would be too heavy for them to wear.

HELPFUL HINT: Take the time to ask questions about whomever you are purchasing your healing stones from. If you have worries and just need a little help, it never hurts to ask. If you have questions about my healing crystals, you can send me a note here. As you are looking for your stone, follow your instincts.

It's super important though that you never replace proper veterinary health care when using crystals for pet healing. This type of healing goes hand in hand with the care that your pet's doctor provides and should be considered as companion crystals.


If you have previously worked with healing stones for yourself, you probably have a protocol that you follow when working with the stones. You should be able to adapt that to your cat or dog in some way. Here are a few steps you could follow:

1. Cleanse the crystal. This helps to remove any residual energies that it may have picked up on the way to you and your pet. Cleansing can be as simple as running under water and visualizing anything negative washing away to as complicated as working with candles, incense and other supplies you might use for cleansing. It's a very personal choice on how you do this.

2. Once the crystal is cleansed, take the time to get to know it a little bit. Hold it between your hands and hold a picture in your mind about how you would like it to help your pet. If it's a general healing, perhaps think of a colour in your mind that represents "healing" and then visualize that colour going into the crystal. You are programming the crystal or asking/telling it what to do for your pet. Make sure you tell the stone (even if it sounds silly to you) that the stone is a gift for your (name your pet) and you wish it to do (this/this/this). This act helps to give the crystal a task.

3. When you feel the crystal is ready, attach it to your pet's collar. Spend time petting your pet and visualizing the healing colour from the crystal surrounding and healing your cat or dog.

It's very important that you fully understand when using this type of healing, that these crystals are companions on your pet's journey through life. They never ever replace proper veterinary care. If you ever feel that the crystal has become hazardous, broken or could hurt them, remove it immediately. It has done what it was programmed to do to the extent that it was able to. They are not a cure, they are a friend to help.

If the stone falls off, there are various philosophies on that. Some people believe that when a stone leaves you, it's done its job and is ready to move on. Others believe that it's become heavy with negative energy and needs to be cleansed. Or it could simply a case of "Well, I didn't attach that well enough!" When this happens, you must decide what the right course of action is for your pet's healing crystal. Always remember, the universe has plans for our four-legged friends and they are sometimes only meant to be with us and share our lives for a short period of time. A crystal perhaps can help elevate stress and negative emotional impacts on their lives so you should always consider them to be your gifts to them as they are in your arms.

May your pet’s life be long and healthy! If you'd like to see what pet healing crystals I have in stock? Click here.


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