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Manifest your goals! Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is one of my favourite crystals! I am absolutely in aw of Mother Nature and the amazing colours you can discover in gemstones. Amethyst has some of the most stunning shades of purple. I've been lucky over the year and occasionally stumbled across this glorious gemstone in the wild while rock hunting. It just takes your breath away when you see it twinkling away when you don't expect it at your feet.

It's a great crystal for helping you to lower your tension and stress when you are feeling overwhelmed. Block that negative energy coming at you and rediscover how to stand on your own two feet with courage. Know you are protected and remember how to breath through the stress.

If you work with Lunar energies, Amethyst can help you as you are focusing on your desires and wishes during manifestation work. This can be when you are working with setting your goals in place during the New Moon cycle or even if you are working through the phases to increase as well as when focusing on letting go of negativity and or bad habits during the waning cycle.

Discover your personal piece of Amethyst at Wicked Stones in Canada. Click on the link to learn more about how Amethyst can support you.

Cheers everyone!

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