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Free Meditation for Manifesting and Downloadable Journal Printable

 I want to manifest! How do I use affirmations?


Affirmations are phrases, words or statements that connect to your intentions.  These phrases help align your energy to the outcome you wish to create in your life.  You can choose any intention! It can be abundance, love, wealth, good health, happiness, joy, etc...  The sky’s the limit here.


When you work with manifesting energy, using these affirmations creates a practice that changes the vibrations you have.  


What are vibrations?   We all have energy vibrations.  They are a part of what helps to attract like energy to you.  When we are happy, we tend to make others around us happy.  Another example is what you might feel like when you are around a grumpy angry person.  Often, it makes us feel slightly grumpy or on edge as well.  These are energy vibrations.  So, when you decide to use this mindset of working with vibrations, you are letting go of your past to create a different reality for yourself.  So in more basic terms, you are like an artist who is using their energy like a paintbrush to create something beautiful and fruitful.  This is a powerful practice to work with to help you transform your life and become the version of yourself you so desire.  


What can I do?  Visualization is a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals.  By doing so, this helps to shift and change those vibrations that help you attract and manifest your dreams.  


Here’s a quick exercise to help you to visualize what you are trying to manifest.


A great suggestion is to practice this daily. If you work with a particular crystal, use it during this meditation to help align the energy to your intentions.   You can find manifesting crystals on this section of Wicked Stones.


Write down one or two of the affirmations you choose to work with before you begin.  Keep it near you if you don’t think you will remember them after the meditation.


Find a peaceful location where you can spend time quietly for this practice.  There is no set time for this practice.  Turn your cell phone to silent and find a comfortable meditation position to sit in.

If you are not familiar with positions try this:  Find a chair to sit in where your back is straight. Plant both feet on the floor to help align your spine and place your hands softly in your lap.  If you have a crystal, you can hold it in your lap or wear it around your neck.  Allow yourself to become grounded to the earth.


Slowly inhale and hold your breath and release again slowly.  This allows your body and mind to relax.  Do this for a minute or until you feel tension and stress receding.  Follow the rhythm of your breathing.  Visualize a golden warm light coming up from the ground.  It flows through your body slowly and helps to relax you further.  As it reaches your heart area, visualize this bright golden energy bringing with it freshness and positive vibrations that are overflowing with possibilities.  Allow the light to carry away your stress and tension as it expands.  This is a healthy golden light that renews your energy and cleanses you so you will be ready to accept change.  


As you breathe in and out, begin to visualize what you desire.  What does it look like? Take note of everything you experience and how you feel.  See yourself as the change you are seeking. What are you doing in that moment? What do you smell? What can you touch with your thoughts? Really see yourself in that moment. Are there sounds? Do you see people? All of these moments help to shift your vibrations that create that change.  Really take the time to dive into everything you can take note of as you are visualizing.  Bring that golden light from your heart and allow it to flow around and through the vision with love and positive vibrations.  If you are working with an object like a healing crystal, begin to visualize this energy flowing into your gemstone.  An alternative method is holding your crystal and blowing gently on it to help your mind connect with the energy flowing towards and inside of it.


When you are ready, release the images and begin to bring your awareness to your body and surroundings.  Feel your shoulders and neck and gently move them to help bring yourself back slowly.  Feel your feet on the ground.


Repeat the affirmation you chose before you began 3 times.  This helps to further align your energy to your intentions.


When you are ready, open your eyes.  


Repeat this practice daily.  And always, feel free to change anything so it suits your needs.


Here’s a few prompts for abundance:


 1. I am worthy of that which I desire

2. I believe in myself

3. My abundance comes from an infinite source

4. I attract miracles into my life

5. I attract abundance into my life

6. Abundance flows to me with great ease

7. I release resistance to allowing money and wealth into my life

8. I live an abundance life

9. Every day I attract that which I need to me

10. My life is full of abundant opportunities

11. Today I will be prosperous

12. I can manifest that which I desire

13. I am worthy of attracting wealth

14. I believe in myself to create the abundance I seek

15. I am grateful for so many blessings

16. I attract good things into my life

17. I am creating my own destiny



Download your free Daily Manifestation printable at Wicked Stones
Free downloadable manifest Printable at Wicked Stones

How to use a Manifestation Printable Template


Find your template here.

You can use our free downloadable Manifesting Journal Template and print it for your journal.  This type of template gives you a starting point to work with as you grow with your manifestation techniques.  You can also use this as a guide to creating your own prompts in an existing journal you may use.


Our template is completely free to download and use and would work beautifully hand in hand with your crystal healing.  It is for personal use only and we welcome you to share it with a link provided to our website.


If you are searching for partner healing crystals for Manifestation, please visit Wicked Stones and perhaps you will discover the crystal you have been searching for.

You can also directly download your free Manifest Journal Printable using the PDF downloader below:

Wicked Stones Manifest Journal Prompt Template
Download PDF • 174KB


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