New Crystals and Jewelry

Natural Crystal Jewelry
Jewelry made from raw natural crystals
Polished Healing Crystal Jewelry
Jewelry made from polished crystals
Quartz Point Jewelry
Natural and polished quartz crystal point jewelry
Crystal Healing Sets
Beautiful healing crystal sets both natural and polished in various intentions and needs
Gemstone bracelets
Handcrafted Gemstone bracelets
Meteor and Fossil Jewelry
Fossil and Meteor Jewelry
Pewter pendants
Gorgeous pewter pendant necklaces
Drilled healing crystal pendants
Single drilled crystal jewelry on cords
Pet Collar Crystals
Smaller crystals for your pet's collars
Healing Crystal Earrings
One of a kind crystal earrings
Canadian Crystal Jewelry
Crystals that come from Canada - I'm just adding to this section so it's a bit thin.
Crystal Healing by Intention
Pick the type of crystal you are seeking by need or intention.
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Crystal Healing by Intention

  • calming-crystals-jewelry-wicked-stones.j

    Calm and Peace

    You can be calm.  You can let go of the stress of the day.  Meditate. Find Peace.  


    Love & Friendship

    Heal your heart.  Love your own self.  Invite healing energy into your heart. Be Joyful.

  • strength-crystals_edited.jpg

    Energy & Strength

    Feel the Energy.  Believe in your strength.  Empower yourself and know you can rise above!

  • crystals-for-luck-wicked-stones.jpg

    Abundance & Luck

    Luck will find you.  Your world flows with abundance.  Manifest what you seek and desire. 

  • starting-over-crystals-wicked-stones.jpg

    New Beginnings

    You have it within you to make the changes you seek.  You can be strong.  You will succeed.

  • protection-crystals-wicked-stones.jpg

    I Need Protection

    Block negative energies.  You can feel safe and secure.  Repel negative thoughts and vibes. 

  • grounding-crystals-by-wicked-stones_edit

    I am here and I can!

    Feel Grounded during times of stress.  Feel balanced when life gets chaotic.  You've got this!

  • crytals-for-grief-healing-wicked-stones_

    I am Sad

    Supportive energy when life is difficult.  Gentle healing to overcome sadness.  Find joy.

Located in the heart of Northern Ontario Canada, Wicked Stones has been working with healing crystals since the late 90’s.  Every single handmade piece is crafted with heart and love with passion for our creations.  We’re real humans behind your computer screen working to create a stunning piece meant just for you on your healing journey.  Because of this hand made quality, no two pieces will ever be alike.  And likely? You may even find a crystal that perhaps isn't where it should be.  That's the charm and beauty of having an artisan piece made from the ground up, just for you.  Many of our crystals come from our travels across the country as well as personal collections from many we have visited and sites from around our beautiful world.


©2020 by Wicked Stones ~ Working with Crystals since 1999

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