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Discover the beauty and power of our handcrafted healing crystals, each one uniquely designed to support your journey towards wellness. Explore our selection and find the perfect crystal to enhance your healing experience.

Natural Kyanite healing crystals handcrafted in Canada

One of a kind ~ Handcrafted in Canada ~ Artisan Made

Unlock the power of beautiful, one-of-a-kind healing crystal jewelry crafted with care by Wicked Stones. For over 20 years, we have been providing gorgeous polished and natural raw crystals and one of a kind jewelry.  Our pieces are created with the focus on the crystal with minimal wire use. We want you to see and experience the feel of the crystal as much as possible.

We adore what we create in our shop and are committed to offering you authentic, unique gemstones.  Every piece is created with joyful, loving energy. 

Labradorite healing crystals and jewelry made in Canada

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Fluorite healing crystals and jewelry in Ontario Canada. Crystals for stress and worry