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Crystals can help you to remember how to listen to your inner thoughts (your intuition).  This is that small voice or feeling you get about things - or sometimes put - your gut instinct.  Over time, we forget how to use this skill and it can lead us to dismiss our first instincts when looking at decision making and cause stress and anxiety over our lack of inability to trust ourselves.  We have turned down the volume on our inner wisdom.  ​

Using crystals with high vibrations, you can learn and awaken this talent if this is your intention. Reconnect yourself with higher energy, the vibrations of the earth and the spirits (or whatever energy you connect with) and rediscover how to listen once again.   You can trust yourself and enhance and awaken your psychic abilities.  Helpful companions for those practicing divination like Tarot, crystal readings and other types of fortune work.

Crystals to help build your psychic energy and powers at Wicked Stones
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