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Luck and Abundance

Green Aventurine crystals for luck, abundance and good fortune at Wicked Stones.

It's time to increase your energy and align yourself with your intention to boost your luck and abundance!  Attract prosperity and good fortune!  Luck can mean anything from games of chance to new possibilities you are hoping to discover, to increasing the abundance in our daily life or anything we hope to attract towards us.  Luck is personal to everyone's journey.   Working with crystals, you can help boost that vibe you are seeking to make those changes and manifest those dreams!  You can also grab our free printable abundance affirmation cards using this link.  This is a direct PDF download. 

Free Printable Affirmation Abundance  Cards

Free downloadable and printable affirmation Abundance Cards from Wicked Stones

Don't forget to grab your free Printable Affirmation Abundance Cards.

These are handy cards you can download, print on your own printer and then cut out.  You can use them as is, or shuffle them around to have different cards for different days. It is an instant download and you don't need to sign up for anything.


Our cards are completely free to download and use and would work beautifully hand in hand with your crystal healing.  They are for personal use only and we welcome you to share it with a link provided to our website.

Just click on the download button on the top right of the preview or use this link to directly download your copy

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