This is a natural Ammonite Fossil that I've wrapped with a purple enameledwire so that you could take it everywhere you go. It's a great gift for a fossil collector who would like to show off one of their collection pieces or just for someone who enjoys wearing unique pieces of jewelry.


Your fossil measures 1.25 inches across and is just over 1 inch wide. The front has a smooth shiny surface while the back is natural. With that in mind, I suggest care when wearing this piece and suggest that you not wear it in the shower or bath or while swimming. I've included photos of both the front and the back so you could see the difference.


Ammonites are an extinct marine animal that are between 208 and 418 million years old. This particular Ammonite was found in Erfoud, Morocco. Their shells have a beautiful spiral pattern that resembles a set of ram’s horns. Plinius the Elder from Pompeii (in 79AD) called this fossil the “horns of Ammon” because of the Egyptian God Ammon (Amun). This was due to the fact that Amun was depicted wearing rams horns.


Ammonite I will succeed crystal pendant

C$34.00 Regular Price
C$30.60Sale Price
Cord Necklace
    • excellent good luck charm
    • helps to inspire artists and architects
    • protection
    • stability
    • helps you to move out of survival mode and into success mode

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