Beautiful treasure from the seas...


This is a natural Ammonite Fossil that I've  hand wrapped with a purple enameled wire - just for something a little unique and different.  


This gorgeous fossil has a smooth side with so many fantastic patterns.  This is a natural spiral pattern that is just stunning in the sunlight.  The back of your fossil is natural and unpolished so it's quite the interesting pendant to have in your collection.  


Your fossil measures 1 1/4 inches wide and over 1 inch tall.  


General care of fossil jewelry:

  • When taking it off, place it gently on hard surfaces
  • Do not wear in an area where there are chemicals such as a pool or hot tub
  • Do not use harsh silver cleaners - only wipe with a silver polish cloth


Ammonite Fossil Necklace for Success

Cord Necklace
    • excellent good luck charm
    • helps to inspire artists and architects
    • protection
    • stability
    • helps you to move out of survival mode and into success mode

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