Carry a bit of history everywhere you go.  This is a natural Brachiopod fossil that has been hand wrapped using heavy gauge sterling silver wire.


This particular fossil is really amazing - it has a bit of a polished finish on it and you can really see the unique details in tihs piece.  It is a mixture of earthy grays and creamy tans with lighter shades.  I do not suggest that you wear it in the shower or while swimming though as it is a fossil and should be treated with care.

Your Brachiopod measures 1.25 inch long by just under 1 inch wide.  This would be an excellent gift for those who collect fossils as well as anyone who enjoys unique pieces of jewelry.

A Brachiopod (or Brachiopoda)  is a small invertebrate marine animal that has been around since the Cambrian Period (570 million years ago).

When you look at this fossil, you can see that both sides are almost the same.  That is what helps to identify this particular animal.  The bottom of the Brachiopod has a small groove where it was originally attached to the ocean floor by means of a fleshy "stalk" or pedicle.   The internal anatomy of brachiopod is different from a clam. Brachiopods have a coiled feeding organ called a lophophore and usually stayed in one place during its adult lifetime.

Brachiopod Fossil Necklace in Sterling Silver

Cord Necklace

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