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Dumortierite is a beautiful natural blue crystal.  This particular gemstone has a wonderful shape that curves in many places and has a smaller indentation on the front.  The blues range from dark to very small areas of light blue in certain lights.


You can also use this crystal when working with your Throat (or Vishuddha) Charka.  This is the area that helps you with creative energies, self expression and honesty.  Balancing this area helps you to speak the truth to others and yourself.  You can be honest to yourself about situations or problems you are facing and be able to move on from it and grow.  


Your healing stone has been hand wrapped using steriling silver wire and meausres 1 inch tall by .75 across.  

    Dumortierite : Courage & Strength Sterling Silver pendant

    SKU: 2DMT
      • finding strength to stand up for yourself and finding the courage to assert yourself
      • overcoming tough situations
      • patience
      • ability to see the best in those around you
      • help to vocalize your ideas to others
      • memory
      • focus and balance
      • positive attitude when dealing with panic and fears
      • courage to face life changes