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Offerings & Incense

All of the incense and gratitude offerings at Spiral Sun Herbals have been handcrafted right here in our sacred ritual gardens and workspaces.   Every package or tin has been worked by hand and is unique as no two will ever be the same.  Some contain beautiful crystals as well as aromatic herbals.  They are all created in a sacred space and blessed with the energies of the full moon. 

The incense is best used on charcoal blocks (we suggest coconut as they burn cleaner but you can use any block your comfortable with).  They can also be used for spellcrafting pouches and other types of crafting, as they contain specific herbals that have been pre combined for intentional use (such as protection, cleansing, joy etc). Good to know:  All our incense blends have rested through many moon cycles to really infuse the herbals to create a very aromatic scent to help work in combination with your energy intentions.  


Gratitude and offerings are a combination of crystals and florals, herbs and other items that can be given to the universal energies in thanks on your altar or working area.  We do recommend you only leave offerings in locations that permit such use.  These are wonderful unique gift ideas for those following a spiritual path.



Just a few reviews from our customers from over the years.  


Katina:  5 Star Review - "Wonderful experience purchasing here. everything was lovely and the care she took to package it all and include little extras was so appreciated"

Dalia:  5 Star Review - "Great packaging and impeccable customer service!"

Lourdes:  5 Star Review - "Working it's magic. Thank you!!"

Deborah: 5 Star Review - "Beltane Incense - Summer at midwinter - for use with my Victorian Fairy Tarot. Wonderful!"

Brenda: 5 Star Review - "Wonderful Seller. Incense is superb!!" (Beltane Blend)

Kimberly: 5 Star Review - "Beautifully crafted, will definitely purchase again"

Pelony: 5 Star Review - "One of the best incense by far! Love the owners of this shop will definitely be coming back for more!" (Abundance blend)

Fish:  5 Star Review - "This is wonderful incense...thank you!" (Sacred Space)

Craig: 5 Star Review - "A professional seller. Ships products in a timely manner. Carefully packaged. Awesome products" (Multiple incense blends purchased)

Andrea: 5 Star review

Amber:  5 Star Review - "Lovely!"

Handmade herbal incense and ritual spell gratitude offerings made in Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals
Handmade herbal incense and ritual spell gratitude offerings made in Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals
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