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Spell & Ritual Kits

Our spell and ritual kits at Spiral Sun Herbals have been loved by many for so many years we've been selling on Etsy.  They are put together with positive energy and contain many items that are particularly geared toward an certain intention or need you need to manifest.  They are wonderful companions to help when you are unsure of what to use for a certain spell or ritual and can help further your connection with the energy work if your kit includes a piece of jewelry or crystal you can carry with you after your work.  Some of our kits are *supplies only*, while others will contain ritual and spell instructions. 

We try to carry a wide collection for your energy work but if you don't see what you are seeking? Feel free to reach out to us and ask.  If you check out our reviews, we've created a lot of one of a kind sets for others.  Use the Contact Us button on the bottom right or send an email from our contact page.  These kits also make wonderful gifts and additions to our own apothecary needs.  

Spell crafting witchcraft kits.  Magick pagan wicca witch kits to help with your intentions. Ritual kits by Spiral Sun Herbals in Canada.
Spiral Sun Herbals customer ritual spell review photo in Canada
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