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Crystal Caves Australia Videos - Bucket List Location

Besides the immensely large spider population, I've added a new location to my eventual "bucket list" location of places to visit. I've collected a few videos so you can have a look at them and see why I have fallen in love with this particular location. Maybe you will too.

They are located in Atherton, Tablelands Area in Australia. You can explore 300 square meters of man made tunnels and grottos that they have built that include amazing natural crystals and fossils.

From what I"m reading from their website, you can also take self guided tours and feel the stones as well as take images and even crack your own! But I think I'd like to just go there to experience being close to the crystals themselves.

Because I'm a big fan of Trip Advisor? I checked them out there too. They have a lot of pretty good reviews

Curious? Heading on vacation to Australia? Add it to your Bucket List. You can check out there information on their site by visiting this link. A new window will open to the Crystal Caves Self Guided Tour Page.

Now, I just have to stop trading coffee for crystals so I can add more to my Bucket List fund! :)

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